Sunset on the Homestead

For as long as I can remember, I have had a journal full of thoughts and prayers, and a sketchbook full of drawings. Designing and making clothes has been a desire of mine since childhood. I have wanted to blog for years. I have a deep desire to share my spark with the world! Thoughts like, “What if I fail?” and "No one wants to hear what you have to say." went through my head any time I began to create. 

For most my life, fear has kept me from using my passions to build my purpose. 

While taking an online course with my Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, Alisha Douglass, I began to see how crippled I was as a human being. Fear of failure had crippled me. Mistakes made in my past had placed shame in the deepest parts of my heart. The thoughts which constantly discouraged me had all but destroyed my spirit.

Realizing I believed I was not worthy to live as a product of the God-given passions and talents I possess, I knew something had to change.

Fortunately, changes were well underway due to the life-changing course I was working my way through. Alisha is truly gifted. Because she is doing what she loves, helping others reach their full potential by working through their current paradigms, I am now doing what I love. I am raising my daughter at home, supporting my husband and his business in every way I can, writing about my life experiences, designing, sewing, and sharing our family's wellness journey, all while homesteading and learning new things daily!

What a gift it is to be living with passion and purpose every single day! I want this for everyone!

I will be sharing about:



-natural approaches to motherhood

-my favorite products to achieve a less toxic, more sustainable lifestyle

-insights in to the fast fashion industry

-slow (more sustainable) fashion tips, tricks, and looks


-wellness made easy

-& whatever else inspires me!

I am so excited you are here. This journey we call life is such a gift. As I share my experiences, revelations, and passions with you, I hope to enrich your life. I hope to inspire you. 

Let's be the change we wish to see in the world together.