Brand Interview: Color Cloud Mill

With the purchase of a single tee shirt, you could not only support an American-made brand founded, owned, and operated by a working mother, you could also be a part of the slow fashion movement, which seeks to re-establish the creation and construction of high quality textiles and clothing right here on United States soil.

Color Cloud Mill is named for the colorful sunrises and sunsets that can be seen from the pacific coastline. Based in a small, coastal village north of San Francisco, California, Color Cloud Mill is driven by a true love for nature and a deep desire to inspire others to join the slow fashion movement. Choosing brands focused on developing more sustainable business models and practices that will ultimately benefit the American economy as well as our environment is one of many ways to get involved!

Color Cloud Mill offers a variety of hand-printed tee shirts and sweatshirts for the whole family. They are super soft, fitted, and feature original and co-designed artwork.  Kristen, the founder, owner, and lead designer, loves to collaborate with other creative minds, which results in unique co-designed seasonal artwork with featured artists, bringing diverse flows of creativity to the brand.

The company also offers hand-printed beanies, harem pants, and tee shirts in sizes ranging from three months to three years. Organic cotton-blend onesies with hand-printed, original designs in sizes ranging from three to eighteen months offer a unique, mindful alternative to the mass-produced onesies sold at your local superstores! They are made with three rows of nickel-free (hypoallergenic) snaps, which means growing babies can wear them for longer.

Kristen pays attention to details. As a mother and designer, she supports the use of cloth diapers as an alternative to the non-biodegradable, “disposable” diapers. Color Cloud Mill’s onesies, harem pants, and bespoke Baby Blue Jeans are all designed to accommodate cloth diapers. Color Cloud Mill’s Baby Blue Jeans are made from sustainable fibers like cotton and lyocell. They are even designed to “grow” with babies. Extra length in the legs, an adjustable waistband with buttons fashioned from coconuts, and beautiful top-stitching offered in two unique colors makes this pair of sustainable Baby Blue Jeans one of a kind.

Kristen’s true love for nature inspires the mindful business practices she has put in place at Color Cloud Mill. She considers how each textile is produced, from the seed used to plant the fiber all the way to the finished garment. To Kristen, “organic” means fibers free of pesticides and herbicides. By choosing organic fibers whenever possible, she is supporting farmers who prioritize the health of the soil, the health of every person involved in planting, growing, and harvesting the fiber, and the ecosystem surrounding the land used to grow the fiber. By manufacturing in the United States, Kristen is choosing a lower carbon footprint for her business. She chooses recycled materials whenever possible, thus reducing the already present waste in the textile industry.

I don’t know Color Cloud Mill’s profit margins, but I can promise you they are not Kristen’s top priority. Her true love for nature shines through her business practices. Her unique and original designs inspire. Ultimately, purchases from Color Cloud Mill support Kristen and other mindful female artists, organic fiber farms and farmers, and skilled American artisans.

The skilled craft of designing and producing quality clothing made with renewable resources was once one of our greatest industries. Every dollar spent with brands like Color Cloud Mill supports the renewal and rejuvenation of the once mindful and sustainable American textile industry.

When I asked Kristen, “If there is one piece of advice you could give to the mindful consumer trying to make more sustainable and eco-friendly purchases for their closet, what would it be?” She said, “Be conscious of who made your clothes. Buy quality, not quantity.”

Less truly is more.

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I hope you enjoyed my first interview! There are many more to come! It was such a joy to write about Kristen’s conscious brand, Color Cloud Mill, which prioritizes the environment, the health of fiber farms and farmers, and the local American textile industry above her profit margins.

Please let us know what you think of this article in the comments below! As always, if you know of a conscious brand making mindful choices in the fashion, beauty, or home décor industry, please share it with us in the comments below! Our goal at Mindful Makers Co. is to feature brands making big moves to create and institute more mindful, sustainable business practices for the sake of the planet and all its inhabitants. We invite you to join the slow fashion movement and become the change we need to see in the world.

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