Mother's Day 2017

May was filled with lots of rain, wind, and severe thunderstorms. It was also full of sunshine, blooming flowers, and plenty of new experiences for our family.

Of course, Mother's Day is in the month of May. I tend to reflect on what kind of mother I am to Zivah when Mother's Day approaches. I evaluate myself, the mama I have been on a daily basis, in search of ways I can improve.

I ask myself questions like: What do Zivah and I do together? What should we be doing more often? What should we be doing less? Are we eating enough meals at the dinner table as a family? Do I make her smile? Do I make her laugh? Do I console her when she cries?

Zivah Holding On

Does she trust me?

Because ultimately, my goal is to earn and build her trust. If she does not trust me, how could she ever trust what I say? If she does not trust what I say, why would she even bother listening to me? If she does not listen to me, chances are she will not obey me. If she does not obey me when it matters most, the consequences could be unimaginable.

Zivah Stepping in Wet Grass

The more days that go by, the more I see who I am in Zivah's eyes.

I see that she wants to be like me.

I see that she does what I do.

Zivah Pushes the Swing

This becomes abundantly clear when she grabs a clean towel out of the laundry pile and begins to wipe surfaces as she pretends to clean with it! Sometimes she even grabs a small hand towel, throws it on the floor, puts her foot on top of it, and uses her foot to rub the floor with the towel!


Additionally, every morning, Zivah cries for her toothbrush when she sees me using mine. She has no idea what it is for. Has she been formally educated on dental hygiene? Nope. She simply saw mama and papa doing it, and that is more than good enough for her!

Zivah loves her sunglasses. She exclaims, "Glassies! Glassies!" as soon as I put my own sunglasses on. Why? Because she sees both of her parents wearing sunglasses religiously, and she demands to do the same!

Zivah wants to do the things we do. Every day that goes by, the gravity of this truth weighs deeper on my heart in the very best of ways. Now, more than ever before, I am willing to do whatever it takes to make her life what it should be.

Zivah Looks Over Her Shoulder

Now, more than ever, I am aware of my own attitudes, perceptions, thoughts, and words. I am reevaluating who I am, who I want to be, and the kind of life I want to live.


Because I want the very best for her.

Zivah Sits 

Celebrating Mother's Day is a gift.

Pretty in Purple

Zivah was born at 3:41 PM on September 25th, 2015. (More on the story of her birth soon!)

Zivah Sasha Gavrilov

Of course we secretly celebrated Mother's Day when I was pregnant! But this year was my second official Mother's Day. 

Mother's Day 2017

I am so grateful to be a mama.

Mother's Day 2017 Mother and Daughter

I am equally grateful to be a wife to this handsome, hardworking, helpful man.

Alex and Zivah Play

I am forever grateful to The LORD for Alex! He is the leader, provider, and protector of our household. He is steadfast, strong, dependable, and admirable.

Alex and Zivah Play With Eliana

I could not ask for a better man to do life with. I am blessed to parent Zivah alongside him.

Alex Holds Zivah

My hope and prayer is that I continue to grow into the mother I have always dreamed of.

That kind of mama who puts her babies first in the years of their youth. Dare I say, the type of mama who seldom complains about her duties.

Zivah on the Tulsa Riverwalk

I want my children to grow up cherishing every experience we share together. I want them to know, without even one shadow of doubt, that I would drop everything to do anything for them. I want to be in a special place in each of their hearts.

I want to bring value, virtue, and valor to their lives.

Motherhood is the greatest opportunity I have ever been given. I do not take it lightly. I am so thankful.

Thanks for reading!